Our work is one of a kind and starts life as something else – we shape and embellish to make something new. We will work with you to create or embellish something for you or in the coming months, we will have work in our Gallery pages for sale.

We want to share what we do with anyone and everyone. We’re not interested in hoarding ideas – because we don’t have all the good ideas anyway. We want to use this space to start building a community of shared ideas – a community that doesn’t toss quite as much of it’s junk away. We will be bringing simple ideas and tips here in our online workshops and in our face to face workshops in South East London.

Who we are…

Meredith Eddy:
I’ve worked for more than 20 years in business and marketing and have been actively involved in community groups and activities. I also developed the brand strategy and naming for Deptford X, celebrating its 11th year as a renowned arts festival. For the last 5 years I have been consolidating my skills in upholstery and furniture restoration to help justify years of collecting and too much stuff.

Zoe Hamilton-Peters:
I did my time in the business world with 15 years in customer service as well as 20 years involved in arts and music festivals in various capacities. My passion is costume, fashion and accessory design and in one sense or another I haven’t ever stopped creating new looks since I started sewing 30 years ago. I have worked in community theatre and music festivals in the in the UK, Europe and Australia creating the fabulous from virtually nothing.